Have you ever just sat and watched people try to parallel park? It’s F!@#ing ridiculous. First of all, here is one definition of Parallel. (of straight lines) Lying in the same plane but never meeting no matter how far extended. So, if you are backing up and your tire is directly meeting the curb over and over again, chances are you are not following this(not to mention you look like a complete moron). If your vehicle comes with a back up camera and you are still unable to parallel park please do me a favor and put one of those “How’s my driving?” stickers on your car. Please include your direct phone number so while I am standing where you can see me in your camera, I can make sure to call you so you can hear all the bad things I am saying about you.  On a side note, If you end up completing the job and it looks like the photo above you are going to get a lot more s#@t than that.